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Delivery is usually within 5 minutes (instant). Some transactions/payment method may take some time due our anti-fraud checking. If you paid and haven't received it, please be patient and come back. It will be sent directly to your Inbox on the site.
We have two Payment Providers for Debit/Credit Cards! If one fails - try the other.

💸 We now accept PayPal for all of our products! 💸

This announcement is no longer active


We use Advanced Anti-Fraud Algo's to detect fraud on PAYPAL TRANSACTIONS ONLY! So please read the information below carefully! 


  • Please make sure that all the information on JustGaming is 100% correct. That includes your Address & Postal.
  • Please make sure that the IP You are ordering from, is at the same location where your JustGaming address is.
  • Please disable any VPN/Proxy you are running before submitting a transaction.
  • The transaction may get declined if you have reputation of opening disputes on other websites.


Any kind of dispute/chargeback, and we'll report you to a international dispute database to mark you for fraud.


Got any Payment Problems? Simply contact us via https://justgaming.io/contact 

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