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  7. Octolus

    Avakin Mod

    American Express is a type of Credit Card, and yes we accept it.
  8. IRideFaMyGooNz

    Avakin Mod

    I dont have an actual credit card all I got is an American Express Bluebird card is there way you can let me pay for the Premium and Mods for Avakin Life with it?
  9. Contact Skype - wesley.vandeven1 Discord - Wosley#1997 Kik - wesleyvandeven Payment Options Paypal - Friends/Family Psn Card - BE,US,UK Amazon Gift Card - US Specific Timestamp Prices Prices can be higher for games that have over the 70 trophies Ps3&Vita 1 Game - $8 5 Game's - $32 10 Game's - $64 Big Level Sync Prices Ps3 Level 25 - $10 Level 50 - $25 Level 100 - $50 Level 100+ - PM Vita Level 25 - $7.5 Level 50 - $15 Level 100 - $30 Level 100+ - PM For other level's prices can be discussed in PM. Platinum's Ps3 100 Platinum's - $10 250 Platinum's - $20 500 Platinum's - $40 666 Platinum's - $50 1000 Platinum's - $75 Vita 100 Platinum's - $5 250 Platinum's - $15 500 Platinum's - $25 666 Platinum's - $30 1000 Platinum's - $50 For any other ammount you can PM me. Game's of your choise Ps3&Vita 1 Game - $2 5 Game's - $10 10 Game's - $15 10+ Game's - PM
  10. Dread

    PS4 Trainer by TylerMods

    Pretty neat, nice share thanks!
  11. Hello, I have a BO3 Account recovery service, where I can set the stats on your own account or make a pre-made account, this is for PS4! I am offering Freebies on recoveries (gain some vouches on-site), and if allowed, pre-made accounts will be sold $5 each at this moment! Includes: - Master Prestige Rank 1000 on Multiplayer and Zombies - Legit Stats - Blackmarket content, bribes, suppy drops (these will show up all the time even after all is redeemed more will occur in the blackmarket) - Unlock All for 99% of MP, majority is unlocked only a few things here and there will have little to no progression (you need something to work on ) Disclaimer: JustGaming.io is not affiliated with this service, and by reading this you acknowledge that JustGaming.io is not responsible for any risks this service may or may not have. I, Dread adhere to all forum rules and common courtesies to deliver an appropriate experience for the members on JustGaming.io! P.S. Lol, if this is against rules I’ll gladly take it down, as I’m a professional person, if this is OK’d, just PM me on-site for details or find me in the JustGaming.io Discord server (Dread#0651) and I will respond to you within availability! I urge you to verify the Discord discrim at the end of my alias Dread to prevent any acts of scamming etc. thank you for your time!
  12. Dread

    Join our Discord Server

    Nice, just linked and joined!
  13. Pr0jectN1ne

    Anyone ran Linux on PS3 before?

    Im currently installing it on my PS3 and just wondering how many people have done it.
  14. Octolus

    Join our Discord Server

    You have now, check https://justgaming.io/clients/purchases/
  15. Milan

    Join our Discord Server

    i ordered and still haven't received please help

    Help me.

    I will go right ahead and close this since it has been answered, if you need any more help create another post or visit the support page on octosniff.: https://octosniff.net/beta/support
  17. ItzSnack

    Help me.

    Have your problem been solve?
  18. Quantum

    Help me.

    Well said, @Sub_xCaliMurda
  19. Sub_xCaliMurda

    Help me.

    Yes, it pulls IPs for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you need help setting it up correctly, make a ticket here https://octosniff.net/beta/support.
  20. AssureCircuitry

    Help me.

    For PS3 and xbox 360 yh
  21. KasperRose

    Help me.

    Does OctoSniff pull IPs? im confused with all the other things. Also how would i set it up once again i need help i am new to this stuff.
  22. Quantum

    PS3 Firmware Collection!

    It's been a while but I'm pretty sure there are some flaws here with this information. █ OFW : OFFICIAL FIRMWARE █ CFW : CUSTOM FIRMWARE (MODIFIED FIRMWARE) / (USER GENERATED) █ CEX : RETAIL PLAYSTATION 3 (THIS IS THE CONSOLE CONSUMERS BUY IN A STORE, A NORMAL TYPE OF PS3) █ DEX: DEVELOPER PLAYSTATION 3 (THIS IS THE CONSOLE SONY SENDS TO DEVELOPERS THAT ALLOW THEM TO DEVELOP AKA A DEVKIT) █ SEX: DISPLAY ONLY PLAYSTATION 3 (THIS IS THE CONSOLE THAT SHOPS USE TO SHOW-OFF DEMOS ON THE CONSOLE) █ D-REX: HYBRID PLAYSTATION 3 (THIS CONSOLE CAN ALTER QUICKLY BETWEEN CEX & DEX, AND VICE VERSA) █ MFX: NEVER HEARD OF IT. The reason I had an issue with your explanation was because you said CFW and CEX were the same thing, and that makes no sense. OFW and CFW are categorizations and comparisons between two ways a console can be operated. Where as: CEX, DEX, SEX, D-REX, are ways in which a the console can on a software level operate to function. I feel obligated to correct incorrect information, don't take it personal, just had to point some issues out with the information.
  23. Requirements (Hardware): ○ Nintendo Wii (Firmware must be on 4.3) [ UNDERSTAND THAT THIS WILL NOT WORK ON ABSOLUTELY ANY OTHER FIRMWARE ASIDE FROM 4.3 ] ○ FAT32 USB Flash Drive (The more memory the better) ○ SD Card (Must be 1GB or greater) Step One: █ You have to go into your Wii System Options, and get your Wii's MAC address. Once you get it write it down, so you have it on hand as you will need it for the next part to this step. █ Next you need to go HERE the website sounds sketchy, but I promise it is not. It's a website where a customized package is created specifically for your console, that contains all the necessary items. █ You can also just google "LetterBomb for Wii" and it'll come up, or just make things simple and click the link I provided, whatever. █ Do the following: Choose the firmware version that matches the one on your console, type in your MAC address, check the box so it bundles the hackmii installer for you, and CUT THE RED WIRE!! Step Two: █ Format your SD Card to make it FAT32, if you don't know how to do this.. there is no hope. Google it on your own time. █ Download the MODPACK from the provided link there. █ Extract both the Letterbomb zip, and the Modpack zip directly into the SD card. Step Three: █ Put the SD card into your Nintendo Wii. █ Go to "Yesterday's Messages" and you'll see the LetterBomb letter. Open it, and let it install it's magic. █ Press (1) when prompted, and follow the instructions on screen. █ Install the Homebrew Channel as well as the Bootmii Channel. Step Four: █ If you want to make a backup you can do so using BootMii, but it isn't required, it's just safer in-case you go and touch something you had no business touching. █ You can't use your controller for BootMii, but you can use a Gamecube controller or the buttons on the system itself to get around their menu (it's odd I know). █ Your backup will be saved onto the SD card - which you may want to put on your PC afterward or somewhere even safer like a dropbox. Step Five: █ Open the Homebrew Channel, and launch "Wii Mod Batch" this will automatically install everything required to continue. █ Launch Priiloader. Press the + button on your wiimote to install it. █ Hold Reset & Power at the same exact time till the system restarts, and it will open into Priiloader. █ Enable the following options: - Auto press A at health screen - Region free everything - Block disc updates - Block online updates - Remove NoCopy Save File Protection Your nintendo wii is now officially jailbroken and free from the boundaries Nintendo has placed on us. I'll make other mods discussion how to actually apply mods, and include some videos showcasing the awesome things you can do in GameCube games, and Wii games alike. It's important to know that Nintendo Wii's online isn't supported anymore, so it's really just for the fun of experiencing modded games offline now, it's still a thrill. Credit: Austin Krause as that is who originally taught me. I'm now helping others learn. Good luck. If you have a question, or are struggling let me know! P.s. There is a way to JB a Wii U, but this is strictly for the regular wii, this does not work for Wii U.
  24. Sub_xCaliMurda

    How to change your PSN date of birth

    Go to https://account.sonymobile.com/en-US/#/signin and sign in with the account you would like to change the date of birth on ( The site should look like the following ) It will then ask you to input your date of birth for the Sony Entertainment Network services. This is a one time chance to input your correct or desired date of birth, once this is changed you will never be able to change it again. Also, don't forget to check off the box that states you've read the privacy statement. ( Picture below )
  25. clSaud

    PS4 4.7X FIRMWARE Should i update

  26. clSaud

    PS4 PKG Search Tool/Database

  27. rfaddicted123

    Welcome to JustGaming

    looking forward to see how this forum goes ^-^
  28. TylerMods

    PS4 Trainer by TylerMods

    FROM TIME TO TIME I UPDATE THE PAYLOADS TO NEW AND BETTER ONES. DO A FULL DOWNLOAD OF THE LATEST VERSION TO GET THE NEW PAYLOAD(S). THIS WILL FIX THE ACTIVELY REFUSED ERROR. Here is a trainer for PS4 that I have been working on and it is not 100% just like PS4 modding isn't. I will NOT be adding GTA or COD to this tool. I hope everyone likes it and finds it helpful. To use this, open the User Guide on PS4 or Web Browser, go to PS4 RTEs and then click on TylerMods. This will enable HEN and allow you to attach my trainer. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO MY TWITTER HTTPS://TWITTER.COM/TYLERMODSINC It is possible these cheats work for different CUSA's. Just have to try and see. If you make a working .cht file. (Pointers preferred) I will add them. I just need you to provide CUSA and game version. Download Here Virus Scan(0/65) Download Mirror I cannot stop you, but I do ask out of respect if you guys would not decompile my tool. Thank you. https://pastebin.com/raw/9vECK948 Make sure you have the correct CUSA and version of a game.
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