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  4. hello i can not use octo sniff v3 on my pc as well as or what ever is in the download and i am using windows 8.1
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  6. I just bought this but my key is not working for octosniff The pan look up never works...
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  8. Can you make a tutorial on how can you gift your friends from the Mod Panel??
  9. OctoVPN literally have OVH, many of them.
  10. VPN's ARE BETTER and which ones better nigga
  11. use lanc remastered i use it to only trace facetime calls and snapchat facebook messenger and all calls it from router ip 192.168.?.1 then to the phones private ip 192.168.?.? and then look up the one with no protocol and make sure its a accurate state and city and ip needs the boot if its t mobile use gafgyt botnet your welcome and always use method DNS and the port number it gives you thank you buddy
  13. so i was on any desk i was letting someone connect to my anydesk and they she he put a virus on my pc my pc had big ass huge icons on it so i reseted it now i have to pay for octosniff again i dont know cause i would love it if you can send me an email of the file for free cause i paid extra idc if its the $20 one but i had the most money paid for it and my octosniff account was taken
  14. damn make a free octosniff i have to pay for this again i just reset my pc from this anydesk user putting a virus on me so
  15. SoupDude

    Cant buy

    im not gonna use a crypto currency and mint and fasterpay doesnt work, can i use smth else to pay?
  16. How do I use the psn resolver I type in gamer tags and it just says no results someone plz help
  17. Im gonna miss the old Fanart Central. But I seem to have problems with this new one, it took much longer to get on than normal. Oh well, anyways, I guesss this new one is awesome
  18. no its the way it should be, like i said its in the addons folder with my other mods and they all work, its just atlas that i cant get to work
  19. Mark392s trophies, taken from: Disorientation - 20-16 over LotharBot in Monkey Bars Dogfight - 20-17 over bahamut in Doghell Ratting - 20-18 over LoNi_ in Logic Blind - 20-13 over LotharBot in IS Fusion - 20-9 over bahamut in ugh returned from Djcjr due to inactivity Go get that D2 trophy, bro
  20. Octolus


    make a new account on octosniff if you dont have one already lol
  21. shideek


    bought octosniff for 20 but when I try to. login it says I don't exist but clearly I'm here on this account what am I doing wrong
  22. hey i wanted to ask whats wrong with the disconnector cuz its not booting any of the ips offline
  23. JonnyDUB


    Oí probaré pero yevo días sin poder entrar en mi octo y Soi cliente de ustedes os compro servicio de vpn necesitaría ayuda
  24. como se conpra octocniff por cojones tiene ke ser por un telefono ke yo nuca tube no lo entiendo porke no mandan el sms a mi telefono o a mi correo
  25. Hello everyone, is there any help I can get to be able to use Octosniff on my MacBook? I attempted to used a VM but it still wasn't working. I might be doing something wrong or just lain don't know how to set it up (that's the price I pay for owning a MacBook) Im hoping someone here can assist me!
  26. haci69


  27. Octolus


    ConsoleSniffer is a virus, first of all. It infects your hosts file, and blocks access to OctoSniff. OctoSniff can be downloaded, and it runs an installer. Please make sure to uninstall ncap and win10pcap before doing so, and uninstall ConsoleSniffer. It doesn't require winrar or anything, but it requires winpcap which the installer tells you to install.
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