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  4. Octolus


    The next update will introduce username decryption.
  5. DjBerserk


    Is there an easier way , to tell who's IP is who's on ps4? Thanks
  6. By newer versions I mean like update . im just having account problems .
  7. Newer version?? You can buy a gift card from us, and give to someone else lol
  8. Hello I purchased octosniff about 3 years ago and cant seem to get newer versions . I have my liscence key and email if you need those as proof of purchase.
  9. But i dont unterstand why they saying i can buy also with an Coupon like gift card or else its showing me on this site
  10. Coins: 1.000.000,-

    XP: 90.000 - 150.000!


    These coins will be added directly to your account.

    Manual Delivery, up to 72 hours.


  11. Normal debit/credit card, and some bank transfer methods depending on your location. You can checkout then see the available options for your country.
  12. Oh and what payments are you accepting?
  13. no we do not accept many gift cards
  14. Its a Gift Card the Name is 'Paysafecard' can i pay with that?
  15. Earlier
  16. user: q8syooof Please unlock
  17. I changed out my ram and cpu and now says my account is locked and I already used my unlock can someone help me
  18. I need help ? I just bought octosniff and downloaded the octosniff, I’m doing it for ps4 but no up won’t pop up. Thank you
    • Delivery time depends, up to 48 hours (working days)!
    • Level 100 Trophies!
    • You'll get at least 700 Platinum!
    • All the trophies are from VITA!


  19. Je n'arrive pas à accéder au discord
  20. hey i need help. i can't start octosniff. it says that there are insufficient system resources available to meet the request. does someone know how to fix this?
  21. Hey i need help with setting it up. Like i really dont know how to download it on laptop
  22. In this tutorial I will show you how to setup OctoVPN on an ASUS Router that has Merlin firmware installed. In this specific example, the router is one of mine that. The specific model in this tutorial is: RT-AC88U. ASUS Merlin is a custom firmware for ASUS Routers, that uses the original GUI & features, with extra features added. You can read on their website on what ASUS Routers they support by going to their about page here: https://asuswrt.lostrealm.ca/about You can read more about ASUS Merlin here: https://asuswrt.lostrealm.ca/features Requirements ASUS Router with Asuswrt-Merlin installed. Active OctoVPN Membership. Computer or Mobile device with ability to extract ZIP. Tutorial Head over to your OctoVPN Panel at https://manage.octovpn.com/ and login. Click VPN, then click "Downloads" and download the "OpenVPN/OctoVPN Config Files". Extract the files and prepare them for a few steps later in this tutorial. Click "VPN" again, then click "View Details" on the Active VPN Service that you own. Take note of the login details, you'll use them. Access your routers Gateaway, usually this is or similar. You can obtain this by doing "ipconfig" in CMD On Windows, then take note of the "Default Gateaway" which is what you'll access in your web browser. A website that looks like this should appear, login with your details. Normally it's admin/admin or admin/password (unless you changed it!) Scroll down till you see "Advanced Settings" in the Left side menu. You should have an VPN option here, click that. Here is an example! Click the tab "VPN Client" which will allow you to upload your OctoVPN/OpenVPN Configuration. Here you'll import one of the many .ovpn files that you extracted in the previous step, we suggest using TCP for reliability or UDP for speed. Some servers may only support TCP, such as OVH. In this tutorial, we'll use the London Game which is TCP only. Click "Select File" in the "Import .ovpn file" field, then hit upload. Wait a few seconds till it uploads then the page reloads with your VPN Information. In my example we're using London Game, so I'll also rename the "Description" from Client to "London Game 1 TCP". Example screenshot. Once it's fully uploaded, you'll see that you have a option to select "Authentication Settings". Here there should now be two text fields. Username & Password! Please submit the details you pulled from OctoVPN (Not the website login details, but your actual VPN Details). Once filled in, hit submit! Example screenshot. It'll take a few seconds for the new settings to apply. We suggest to also enable "Automatic start at boot time" then hit apply. That way, it'll start the VPN service one the router boots up. Once enabled, you can also toggle "Service State" from OFF to ON to enable the VPN. Please keep in mind, for every configuration you do, you'll need to re-apply the settings. The VPN may disconnect at this time. If this appears, then it means you've successfully been connected. Extra Options Advanced settings also offers you the option to route only specific devices through the VPN. This is the perfect option for those who only want their console to run through the VPN. Simply click the drop-down in "Redirect Internet Traffic" and select "Policy Rules" as seen in this screenshot. Then select the device you want to run through the VPN, and hit the plus button. Once done, hit apply once again and wait a few seconds for the changes to take affect! Advanced settings also allows you to block the internet traffic if the VPN tunnel dies, this is a good option for Gamers that don't want the connection to automatically go back to their ISP if the VPN Server goes offline.
  23. I love this community. I would like to see it grow even more!
  24. Yahya


    Can you guys add paypal
  25. Imalilcupcake

    A Dream

    Abigail... Ur brain is very interesting
  26. Abigail

    A Dream

    Saw a dream about working. It is in a city, im maybe a seller. Every day is a same, walking some near building to work. Feel like it is the same day, every day, like working only one day. Then some reason they ordered me go to roof. With me i get my old school friend. We chat on roof and fixing some tiles. Then work is done and he taking phone out of pocket. He show me some pictures and it was fun to see how he going in life. Then we went back to stairs, some reason im staring on road. It Feel like it goes in the house. Then felt like some force did push of the roof. Falling was fast and suddently im a passanger in the car. I feel like hurting my leg and then i realised driver is my friend. Front sit another passenger and i think he is my boss. Driver take turn to drive little clinic and hes drive way too fast. Clinic yard bicycle two kinds and driver make a emergy brake to dodge the kids and suddently im in the clinic. Driver ask someone to operate my leg. Then im watching my leg and seeing it is just a scratch. I say to driver you can go home now, i need to take my car from city. They go out on laughing, sure thing. Toctor ask me to operationroom, im saying that need to take gum out of my mouth and im walking to washbowl. Trying to get gum out of my mouth but it feel like it is stuck. Watching in the mouth from mirror and seeing nothing there. Then i watch again the mirror and realized that aint me. Im a young boy looking on mirror and my parrents is out side.
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