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  5. Pandz

    Market Section

    Add a section to sell shit
  6. This purchase includes: Ikonik Skin & Scenario emote, which works on every platform!  

    How does this work?
    1.) Disable your two factor auth, if you have this enabled.
    2.) Enter your Epic Games details below, make sure they are correct!
    3.) Your order will be completed within 48 hours, usually very quick. The items will then appear on your account, 100% legally obtained.

    Is this safe?
    Yes, of course. This is 100% legally obtained through devices.


    How long will it take?
    The process to do it, takes around 5 minutes. However, we may take up to 48 hours to process your order due high demand.


    Does it work on all platforms?


  7. Earlier
  8. Could you perhaps add another way to pay with visa gift cards? Fasterpay doesn't work because it's not in the USA
  9. When will we be able to see psn names with octosniff
  10. This product will allow you to show usernames on PS4 in games we support. You will be sent an license, that you'll reedem on our website.



    • From the PS4 Firmware Update 6.80 and above, the tool is not capable of decrypting usernames from Party Chats. It still works perfectly fine to get usernames in games, that we support and is listed on octosniff.net!
    • All new customers have the PS4 Upgrade included already, and do not need to pay for this. This is only for our old clients, if they want to unlock decryption access.
    • There is always a risk of this getting patched/fixed, we do not offer any refund whatsoever if that were to happen!


    Terms Of Service

    • We offer no refund whatsoever for any reason of this purchase!
    • Breaching our Terms Of Service, will result in account ban.


  11. satam2121


    can you vrifed my payment
  12. We cannot, the payment provider we used no longer supports it.
  13. Hi, Please add decrypt name psn, & Add boom message.
  14. As soon as I click "Sniff" It closes the app and it also dosent give me the other tools. Another thing Im having a problem with is that to the le of tools I cannot add my network.
  15. It would be awesome if you could figure out how to decrypt usernames possibly for an update Try running it as administrator, if you have already turned off your firewall and disabled Windows defender
  16. Can you please bring Subway gift cards back as a payment method
  17. It's supposed to be the same as my avakin life acct right? That one is Lexxus Taylor The one it should of been is Lexxus Taylor also when you 1st sign up what does discord mean?
  18. I used the wrong username and password for my name do I have to buy this again?
  19. DjBerserk


    Thank you i appreciate it !!! Can't wait!!
  20. sixx6sicz


    thats awesome i look forward to this
  21. Posso usare octosniff su PC?
  22. Octolus


    The next update will introduce username decryption.
  23. DjBerserk


    Is there an easier way , to tell who's IP is who's on ps4? Thanks
  24. By newer versions I mean like update . im just having account problems .
  25. Newer version?? You can buy a gift card from us, and give to someone else lol
  26. Hello I purchased octosniff about 3 years ago and cant seem to get newer versions . I have my liscence key and email if you need those as proof of purchase.
  27. But i dont unterstand why they saying i can buy also with an Coupon like gift card or else its showing me on this site
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