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  3. Yahya


    Can you guys add paypal
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  5. Imalilcupcake

    A Dream

    Abigail... Ur brain is very interesting
  6. Abigail

    A Dream

    Saw a dream about working. It is in a city, im maybe a seller. Every day is a same, walking some near building to work. Feel like it is the same day, every day, like working only one day. Then some reason they ordered me go to roof. With me i get my old school friend. We chat on roof and fixing some tiles. Then work is done and he taking phone out of pocket. He show me some pictures and it was fun to see how he going in life. Then we went back to stairs, some reason im staring on road. It Feel like it goes in the house. Then felt like some force did push of the roof. Falling was fast and suddently im a passanger in the car. I feel like hurting my leg and then i realised driver is my friend. Front sit another passenger and i think he is my boss. Driver take turn to drive little clinic and hes drive way too fast. Clinic yard bicycle two kinds and driver make a emergy brake to dodge the kids and suddently im in the clinic. Driver ask someone to operate my leg. Then im watching my leg and seeing it is just a scratch. I say to driver you can go home now, i need to take my car from city. They go out on laughing, sure thing. Toctor ask me to operationroom, im saying that need to take gum out of my mouth and im walking to washbowl. Trying to get gum out of my mouth but it feel like it is stuck. Watching in the mouth from mirror and seeing nothing there. Then i watch again the mirror and realized that aint me. Im a young boy looking on mirror and my parrents is out side.
  7. Where was edit button, im not Hanging anyone or anything. Pliz dont kill me! > . <
  8. Sorry, forum is bretty dead and that why i dont know is there any use for pre view for links. i do not know is there any use for preload data from link, there is no activity enough so never mind. http://bit.ly/2caT96b https://www.youtube.com/user/JFlaMusic/ and Thank You for running this site, i dont play games so im hanging out sometimes on site. ps. i do not code, so im lazy to learn any =/
  9. Abigail


    JFlaMusic http://bit.ly/2caT96b She is amazing kobasolo https://www.youtube.com/user/Hujikoman covers by Japanese female singers
  10. Im Sori for posting this
  11. Abigail

    Music 🌔

    Youre welcome! Billie Eilish Night you should see me in a crown when the party's over lovely
  12. Stand Up! Show by Ismo Leikola, hes from Finland the Shit
  13. I've paid. But I don't get a code license help me :(((((
  14. Abigail

    Zelda dream

    My dream is repeating. I saw weird dream about Zelda genre. Ive been seeing this dream twice, now it was stronger. Experience of Zelda game i guess. There was several worlds, it seems like there was whole universe (kind of) and there was elements. All elements is to gether the triforce (of cource) but each of them did have own world. Every piece of triforce was gathered on 3 world genre and there was at least 9 wolds and it seems to be another world when you gather the pieces to gether. Finally when you have all pieces of magigal triforfe, you can influence of all world to change time and space (maybe nature). Player have to get more powers to change (past, now and future). In dream i did travel in fire world, it was like earth 4 billions years ago and there was lot of lava and black ground. There was a mythological monument what gives you a tasks to take monoliths to around the world and all this did happened on one world. Monoliths have a unicue place where it have to take. For help there was some reason avaible guiding line where it must lay (i dont know why). These monoliths are like doors or maybe they was more like upcoming events in another world. I was flying dragon or something big and i did grab object and i did take it place where it must have to be. World was for some reason a round like planet and it seems like there was a solar system what is connected on each another. When this object was placed it did appear another world (maybe thing was like time passes, it is in future). These monoliths was some reason brown (monoliths are black for real life). There was worlds like Fire, Life Water.. now i remember all wrong there was un numbred worlds on each to gather. Gathegory was most likely - Fire, Water and Forrest. Air, Space and Life. Final group was obviously - Tech, Magic and Untech/Unmagic- worlds. (Unmagic / Untech world, where was no place to any Elecrocity or Magic). I feel now like there was lot of another inluences or variations of worlds. When all worlds was opened there was some reason Gods World to getting all to gether. Finally i have no idea why it seems to be Zelda, maybe becouse im a fan of Zelda genre. World was so huge that i dont know does even playstation5 have enough powers to run this shit. and game was more like over 10tB capacy taking memory. So ive never maybe seeing this game a live if it comes some day avaible. Some reason i did believe that these worlds are later mixing to gether and there was time warping and player can influence people to do things in the game (even a animals and nature) and my own opinion was that every single item can be build (sounds like minecraft) and repair. and each world player can be obtain powers and items to play. Maybe player can build anything he wants by mixing water or fire to magic or tech, build weapons, tools, goods, clothes and gifts or food from any worlds and any elements. Crafting even machines to travel to space (i dunno). Player can be take any creatures for pets or helping in game. And being friend of any people around the universe. My dreams are some times weird, i dont know why im seeing them. Dream of new Zelda, coming on 2036
  15. The Ultimate Edition

    The OctoSniff Ultimate Edition also includes 1500 Points that you can spend on the website!


    OctoSniff is a networking researching tool developed for Windows.


    What is OctoSniff?
    OctoSniff is a software that allows you to extract information about network packets circulting your network. The best thing about it, is that it even works on your PlayStation consoles. 

    OctoSniff have over 10,000 happy customers.


    Premium Subscription

    Once the purchase has been confirmed, we will also upgrade your rank on our forums to Premium. That way you will also unlock access to our Premium forums!


    Works on:

    • PlayStation 3 (Usernames)
    • PlayStation 4 (Only IP, Semi-Username)
    • XBOX 360 (Only IP)
    • XBOX One (Only IP)
    • PC (Only IP)


    Delivery Information:

    • Once the payment has been confirmed - we will send you an email instantly with all the information you need such as license & download/website.
    • If you for some reason cannot find the email, you can always access your License Code from "Store --> Manage Purchases"


    Refund Policy:

    1. We do not provide any kind of refund once the payment has been confirmed.
    2. We reserve full rights to decline any kind of refund requests.
    3. We may, or may not refund you if you haven't used/downloaded our software.


  16. Can take up to 48 hours depending on payment method. If you have any problems you need to contact PaymentWall, the payment is probably just not confirmed.
  17. I paid by Onecard. Octosniff I wish to send the program with activation on email Invoice w182000923 Invoice #26790 Thanks
  18. what are you talking about go to gmail and you could see the transaction it took 15$ out
  19. And you paid via this account? Please send me a message with the email you used on FasterPay. Just confirmed, there are not a single transaction from the account you are contacting us from.
  20. AntGod789

    Need help

    Having trouble buying octosniff
  21. It will be delivered once payment confirmed, what payment method?
  22. i bought octosniff but i dont know what to do know i didnt get a code please help im begging it said 15$ got out of my bank but bothing happened
  23. Octolus


    This forum is made for support, not to "grow". We have hundreds of purchases a day, and that's what counts. I have used PayPal since 2010 and had nothing but issues, which is why we don't accept it. PayPal simply does not like us, Gamers. They consider you, the customers as 'High Risk'.
  24. vastgsm007

    Music 🌔

    Thanks for sharing not my cup of tea but each to their own tastes.
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