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    Welcome to JustGaming! UPDATE: All OctoSniff members can login to the forum with their OctoSniff Login Details! Here you can also get support for your software, make tutorials & throw in suggestions. The forum is still fairly new despite we've been up for nearly a year, it's mainly used for sales at the moment. I am looking forward to build a community with everyone. This is an brand new forum that I basically made because I'm bored. I'd like to see where this forum would bring us, perhaps it will actually grow and get big one day. Who knows? I've owned plenty of other forums, but they were all specific to virtual worlds which didn't work out very well. This forum will be dedicated to Gaming on all consoles and devices. Our focus will be PlayStation 4, but we have forums for other games too. And if the activity increases, then the focus will obviously change. Invite your friends to the forums! If you have any suggestions to forums, sub forums or layouts for the forums - please respond to this topic. We are more than open for any suggestions. The forum are not accepting any donations, or premium services. We do also not have any advertisements, nor ever will. We might add an Premium user group when the website grows with more features like animated profile photo, bigger cover photo and more storage. Right now, it would be useless. We are looking for: Active members that can keep the forum busy & promote it. Graphic Designer to create us an awesome & unique logo. Staff / Moderators, when we get bigger.
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    The payment has not been approved, and will probably be returned due anti-fraud purposes if you haven't received it yet. We have received nothing, and no it's not a scam. We have tens of thousands of client, we don't care for your $50 to scam.
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    The next update will introduce username decryption.
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    Hello everyone. You can now join our Discord and automatically gain the group/rank you have on our forums - on Discord! Simply head over to "Account Settings" then link your Discord. You can do that by clicking here: https://justgaming.io/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=settings&area=discord
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    Could you perhaps add another way to pay with visa gift cards? Fasterpay doesn't work because it's not in the USA
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    Is there an easier way , to tell who's IP is who's on ps4? Thanks
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    thats awesome i look forward to this
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    Please add a paypal payment method!
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    I dont have an actual credit card all I got is an American Express Bluebird card is there way you can let me pay for the Premium and Mods for Avakin Life with it?
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    add an xbox section so we have console equality lol
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