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  1. Octolus


    ConsoleSniffer is a virus, first of all. It infects your hosts file, and blocks access to OctoSniff. OctoSniff can be downloaded, and it runs an installer. Please make sure to uninstall ncap and win10pcap before doing so, and uninstall ConsoleSniffer. It doesn't require winrar or anything, but it requires winpcap which the installer tells you to install.
  2. Pretty sure Rocket League isn't P2P.
  3. Grand Theft Auto Online now features a Casino, there are many countries which has gambling restrictions. You can unlock full access to the Casino by using OctoVPN and changing the location to a country that allows Gambling, example United States. In this tutorial, we'll be using OctoVPN. As it provides unlimited DDoS Protection and offers VPN in locations that has zero restriction for the casino! Check out OctoVPN here: https://octovpn.com DDoS Protected Gaming VPN, Optimized for Gamers & Streamers. Providing you military-grade encryption & unlimited DDoS Protection across the world! There are a couple of ways to use a VPN on your Console Install it on a router that supports OpenVPN Client (DDWRT, ASUS MERLIN, PFSENSE). Install it on a Windows Computer and use Bridge / Share connection method. Install it on a Windows Computers that allows "Hotspot" feature, so the laptop/computer can be the hotspot for your Console. If you are playing on PC, then all you need to do is to install our VPN Application and connect! Restart the game and voila. OctoVPN General Information OctoVPN is optimized for GTAO! Unlocking you full access to the Casino. You can obtain your OctoVPN Login details by going here: https://manage.octovpn.com/myvpn (Or by clicking VPN in the menu, then click View Details on the active service). OctoVPN Offers unlimited DDoS Protection and a fully custom VPN Client. OctoVPN also offers streamer mode and discord integration! We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card & Crypto! Tutorial: How to install OctoVPN on a Router (ASUS Merlin) First login to your router, by heading over to http://router.asus.com/ Go to "Advanced Settings" then select "VPN". Go to "OpenVPN Client", here you should see a button that allows you to upload .ovpn config files, simply upload your OpenVPN Client Config file that you downloaded from OctoVPN's website (of the location you desire) then hit submit. Once it uploaded, it will now have the server ip in the address field. Now enter the username / password you can obtain from https://manage.octovpn.com/myvpn (under your active service). Change the "Redirect Internet Traffic" option to what fits your needs. All means the entire router will be under VPN, if you select Policy Rules - you'll be able to make it so for example only a certain client on your network is connected through the VPN. This is the ideal option for Consoles! Toggle the service state to ON! It should now connect. Tutorial: PC <-> Ethernet <-> Console (Sharing Connection) (To use this, you need a Ethernet cable going from your computer to your console. Then select "Ethernet" in network settings on your console. The computer will basically power your console with internet, it may require you to use WiFi on your computer, unless you have two Ethernet ports!) Open up "Network & Sharing" center on your computer. You can find this via Control Panel, or by searching for it. Click "Modify Settings for Network Card". In Windows 10, this can be located at the left side of the window. Here you should see your Ethernet & WiFi. Now right click on your WiFi connection, and click Properties. A new window should appear, here you should click the "Sharing" tab. Now tick both of the options: "Allow others to..". A drop-down should also be located here. In that drop-down, you should select your Ethernet port on your computer.. Which your console should be connected to. Click save/ok. Head over to your Gaming Console, and do the internet connection setup. When doing it, make sure you are selecting "Wired" or "Ethernet". How to verify if the setup succeeded Load up your PS4 Web Browser and head over to geoiplookup.io, here you'll receive an alert if you are connected to OctoVPN! If you see your normal home connection ip address and location, then your setup failed. You should also run a connection test, and perhaps re-configure your Console to use Ethernet Connection when using the "Share Connection" method. You may experience degraded performance when downloading game updates, this is completely normal and depends on your network speed and device. All the traffic is completely encrypted using military-grade encryption when using OctoVPN. Connection Errors? If you get DNS error, you can try setting manual DNS on your console - or - in properties of your WiFi card. If you get failed to obtain IP, you can try setting the IP manually on your console - or - in the properties of your WiFi card.
  4. Octolus

    How i can pay?

    Hi, Sorry, but we do not accept PayPal. We accept FasterPay, which is a way better option than PayPal, and more secure for the both of us.
  5. Hi, you don't need PS4 Upgrade.
  6. Yeah just know there is a difference between reserved and normal payments. But once approved you'll get it, or money will be returned automatically.
  7. You have already got it? Lmao
  8. The payment has not been approved, and will probably be returned due anti-fraud purposes if you haven't received it yet. We have received nothing, and no it's not a scam. We have tens of thousands of client, we don't care for your $50 to scam.
  9. If you don't have an account, then clearly you need to create one? The account is not the same one you use on JustGaming.
  10. We cannot, the payment provider we used no longer supports it.
  11. Octolus


    The next update will introduce username decryption.
  12. Newer version?? You can buy a gift card from us, and give to someone else lol
  13. Normal debit/credit card, and some bank transfer methods depending on your location. You can checkout then see the available options for your country.
  14. no we do not accept many gift cards
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