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  1. Octolus

    Add YouTube Gaming section

    Added within "Lounge".
  2. Would love to install that on our forums, maybe you can port it to IPS soon? @Tustin & @JB
  3. Hello everyone, I have developed an API where you can obtain patch info, as well as meta info based on the Title ID you submit. My API is basically made out of Sony's API, where I will convert the XML over to JSON. My API will also cache the data so it'll return instantly next time you request it. When you submit an title id that we have not seen yet in our database, we'll store it and monitor it for patches as well. We have a rate limit of 500 requests per hour, from one IP Address. Below is an example where CUSA02328_00 is the Title ID. And the environment is NP. https://ps4.octolus.net/dataApi?id=CUSA02328_00&env=NP&method=meta { "revision": 2, "patchRevision": 35, "formatVersion": 4, "npTitleId": "CUSA02328_00", "console": "PS4", "names": [ { "name": "SMITE" }, { "name": "SMITE", "lang": "en" } ], "icons": [ { "icon": "http:\/\/gs2-sec.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net\/gs2-sec\/appkgo\/prod\/CUSA02328_00\/2\/i_778fdbfbe49183830b1203dfd853faf14ebd019a96aa0c487c1e18983c7fb8be\/i\/icon0.png", "type": "512x512" } ], "parentalLevel": 5, "pronunciation": "http:\/\/gs2-sec.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net\/gs2-sec\/appkgo\/prod\/CUSA02328_00\/2\/i_778fdbfbe49183830b1203dfd853faf14ebd019a96aa0c487c1e18983c7fb8be\/i\/pronunciation.xml", "contentId": "UP0334-CUSA02328_00-SMITEXXXXXXXXXXX", "backgroundImage": "http:\/\/gs2-sec.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net\/gs2-sec\/appkgo\/prod\/CUSA02328_00\/2\/i_778fdbfbe49183830b1203dfd853faf14ebd019a96aa0c487c1e18983c7fb8be\/i\/pic0.png", "bgm": "http:\/\/gs2-sec.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net\/gs2-sec\/appkgo\/prod\/CUSA02328_00\/2\/i_778fdbfbe49183830b1203dfd853faf14ebd019a96aa0c487c1e18983c7fb8be\/i\/snd0.at9", "category": "gd", "playTogether": 5, "psVr": "No", "neoEnable": "Yes", "error": false, "requestAmount": 15, "requestsLeft": 485 } Below is an example of obtaining Patch Info where CUSA02328_00 is the Title ID and NP is the environment. https://ps4.octolus.net/dataApi?id=CUSA02328_00&env=NP&method=patches { "@attributes": { "titleid": "CUSA02328" }, "tag": { "@attributes": { "name": "90", "mandatory": "true" }, "package": { "@attributes": { "version": "10.60", "size": "21154430976", "digest": "EBA8867E048A07BE7E84577E4C0CF82E8E49B7DF3ABC8C4E9C0658C50FF82F65", "manifest_url": "http:\/\/gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net\/gs2\/ppkgo\/prod\/CUSA02328_00\/89\/f_e4b9e0a460ac4654ecc6fd2cfde6fdd3b30df1c408e0860d5f9abb1611c923e3\/f\/UP0334-CUSA02328_00-SMITEXXXXXXXXXXX-A1060-V0100.json", "content_id": "UP0334-CUSA02328_00-SMITEXXXXXXXXXXX", "system_ver": "84213760", "type": "cumulative", "remaster": "true", "patchgo": "true" }, "delta_info_set": { "@attributes": { "url": "http:\/\/gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net\/gs2\/ppkgo\/prod\/CUSA02328_00\/89\/f_e4b9e0a460ac4654ecc6fd2cfde6fdd3b30df1c408e0860d5f9abb1611c923e3\/f\/UP0334-CUSA02328_00-SMITEXXXXXXXXXXX-A1060-V0100-DP.pkg" } }, "paramsfo": { "title": "SMITE", "title_01": "SMITE" } }, "latest_playgo_manifest": { "@attributes": { "url": "http:\/\/gs2.ww.prod.dl.playstation.net\/gs2\/ppkgo\/prod\/CUSA02328_00\/89\/f_e4b9e0a460ac4654ecc6fd2cfde6fdd3b30df1c408e0860d5f9abb1611c923e3\/f\/playgo-manifest.xml" } } }, "error": false, "requestAmount": 15, "requestsLeft": 485 }
  4. Octolus

    Graphic Contest

    Hello everyone. We have recently changed the website design, and we are looking for some new awesome headers. If you'd like to try and create us one, it could be literally for any game - then here are the sizes we require: Requirements: 2000 x 300 Pixels High Quality Image No watermark We will use the best entries as our official header. We will select the four best ones. Here is example header:
  5. It really is a must, but yeah you are right. I believe the next console will be very pricey. Phones with way lower specs are in their thousands now, so.. It's time for the consoles to increase to the thousands too maybe lol
  6. I'm not sure how realistic this is, as the pricing on 1TB SSD is around $400 just that. It would be so expensive.
  7. Octolus

    Ghosts 1.00 SPRX Menu

    Sweet release!
  8. Octolus

    [RELEASE] PSVTrophyIsGood ver. 1.0

    What's NGU? Anyway, welcome and nice topic.
  9. Octolus

    Post Your Online ID and Play With New Friends!

    Online ID: OctolusNET Region: EUROPE Mic: Yes Games You Play: Fortnite
  10. Octolus

    How to become Verified!

    Hello everyone! I've noticed that the interest of being "Verified" on our forums have increased. Till now, there was really no special requirements to be verified, but I believe there should be some, other than just being known. From now on in order to be verified, you'll need to be active on our forums. That basically means that you need to participate in discussions or create topics. The existing verified members will stay verified for some time, but if some of them remain inactive we'll have to remove the promotion to make it fair for everyone. If you believe you are obliged for an verification, send me a message and I'll look into it. Please don't waste my time If you are known, and active - then you got a pretty big chance of becoming verified. Known can be as in YouTuber or Developer.. Or even promoter. Active as in active poster on the forums. We don't promote people that got 5 posts just because they are big and known.
  11. Octolus

    who here is banned from ngu

    Are you salty about it?
  12. Octolus

    who here is banned from ngu

    I've been trying to get my dual auth removed for a couple of months. Pretty much banned.
  13. Octolus

    PS4 PKG Search Tool/Database

    Hello everyone, I've developed a website that allows you to search for package files by either name or title id. We store all title id's submitted to our service, on our massive growing database. We check all games twice a day for new patches available and store the new patch in our database. Sadly this was a service that we started a month ago, so only newer patches will be logged in our historical database for you to download in the future. However, it's better late than never! Website: https://ps4.octolus.net/
  14. Octolus

    Youtubers Link Your Channels!

    This is mine; ConsoleModZ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCffqc6C6ni0MqwaYbSWJQnA/videos
  15. Octolus

    PS4 JAILBREAKS possible for pro?

    That really depends on the version, if it's running the latest version - then you'd need to wait on that version for an new exploit to be released.

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