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  1. Q: Do you accept any other payment methods than the ones listed on the website, for example PayPal? A: No, we do not accept any other payment methods than the ones showing up when you try to purchase any of our products. We do not accept PayPal, as they do not approve our Gaming Business. FasterPay is a way more secure option than PayPal, that also literally leaves zero information to me unlike PayPal would. Q: I have money on my account, but it doesn't let me purchase? A: Make sure you have international purchases enabled, you may even need to call your bank to get this done. You'll be charged from United Kingdom, London - FasterPay.com Q: Do you store my Credit Card information, or any other sensitive information? A: No, this is not stored or even information I can see! All your data is securely encrypted with the latest standards via FasterPay, which is a THIRD PARTY payment gateaway. Q: Do you offer any sort of refunds? A: No, we do not.
  2. Octolus

    New location

    We had one before but nobody used it.
  3. Octolus

    New location

    OVH Only has in Reston right now.
  4. Octolus

    New location

    Yeah sounds good, but OVH doesn't have any locations in Atlanta or Chicago.
  5. We are always open for suggestions from both our clients and potential clients. If you have suggestions for new locations we should add, please keep in mind that all of our locations have DDos Protection by default. This is something we require as well, as a standard. If you want to suggest a location, make sure to do a little bit of research to perhaps link us a host that provides protection in that certain location. We are currently looking for Spanish hosts that provides DDoS Protection.
  6. Octolus


    Depends, I am not aware of any big creators out there.
  7. Octolus

    Octosniff help

    I don't understand the question?
  8. And this is in regards of which product?
  9. Never, our servers are not paid by gift cards.
  10. not possible. the only payment options we have is the ones on the site.....
  11. We do not accept PayPal and we do also not endorse it, here is a reason why: Once upon a time I were a big merchant of PayPal, processing thousands daily with them. After processing big payments with them and paying thousands in fees for three years straight, my business started falling. PayPal noticed the drop, and they randomly decided to permanently limit my account as they all of a sudden considers all Gaming businesses high risk. Keep in mind, this only occurred after I no longer processed big money, but rather $50-$300 a day. PayPal might be good for you as the buyer, because it's easy to use. But if you are a merchant/seller, it's a pain. You'll have lots of clients trying to scam you with their "chargeback" feature that allows clients to dispute and win the money regardless of how much documentation you upload. We accept PaymentWall / FasterPay, which is an Alternative to PayPal. The bonus here is that FasterPay is more Anonymous compared to PayPal. Many Gamers prefer anonymity, and when you use PayPal you'll give out your full information regardless if you own business account or not. With FasterPay, you got nothing to worry about. This experience is written from someone who have used PayPal since 2010, and multiple other payment gateaways.
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