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  1. This is going to be a thread where we all can share any findings on CoD WW2 for the PS4. I will update periodically whenever I come across anything worthwhile. Multiplayer Address: const uint G_Entity = 0x0C628A10, G_Entity_Size = 0x418; const uint G_Entity_PlayerState = 0x258, G_Entity_Health = 0x2DC; const uint PlayerState = 0x0C9C82C0, PlayerState_Size = 0x6180; const uint PlayerState_Movement = 0x64, PlayerState_Origin = 0x84, PlayerState_EnableFiring = 0x65, PlayerState_PrimaryWeapon = 0x418, PlayerState_SecondaryAmmo = 0x718, PlayerState_LethalAmmo = 0x730, PlayerState_PrimaryAmmo = 0x748, PlayerState_Name = 0x59FE; Multiplayer Weapon Indices: Credits: Myself
  2. John

    [RELEASE] PS4 SPRX (Creating/Loading)

    Good shit, ACS
  3. John

    who here is banned from ngu

    I was perm banned 3 times

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