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    FROM TIME TO TIME I UPDATE THE PAYLOADS TO NEW AND BETTER ONES. DO A FULL DOWNLOAD OF THE LATEST VERSION TO GET THE NEW PAYLOAD(S). THIS WILL FIX THE ACTIVELY REFUSED ERROR. Here is a trainer for PS4 that I have been working on and it is not 100% just like PS4 modding isn't. I will NOT be adding GTA or COD to this tool. I hope everyone likes it and finds it helpful. To use this, open the User Guide on PS4 or Web Browser, go to PS4 RTEs and then click on TylerMods. This will enable HEN and allow you to attach my trainer. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO MY TWITTER HTTPS://TWITTER.COM/TYLERMODSINC It is possible these cheats work for different CUSA's. Just have to try and see. If you make a working .cht file. (Pointers preferred) I will add them. I just need you to provide CUSA and game version. Download Here Virus Scan(0/65) Download Mirror I cannot stop you, but I do ask out of respect if you guys would not decompile my tool. Thank you. https://pastebin.com/raw/9vECK948 Make sure you have the correct CUSA and version of a game.

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