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  1. Chasmatic

    Youtubers Link Your Channels!

    Hey guys, lots of us are wanna be youtubers whether it be for the popularity, the fun, the money, or any other number of reasons so I figured I'd make a thread to link eachothers' channels and talk about what kind of content we create! Link yours and let me know a brief description below and I'll slowly but surely categorize it by either type of content or by sub count, let me know what you guys think. I'd also like to use this as a place to find people to collaborate with! I'll start it off with my channel! https://youtube.com/chasmatic A bit about my channel: 12k subs. Recently got back into it after a year and a half break. Had over 13k subs prior to that break. Privatized all my old videos and getting back into the grind. Any sort of gaming can be found on my channel but primarily call of duty and fortnite. Always open for collaborations regardless of your channel size so hit me up! ? (ps. if this belongs in miscellaneous instead of lounge please feel free to move it or let me know and i'll do some copy pasta)
  2. Chasmatic

    Welcome to JustGaming

    Nice! looking forward to seeing where this forum goes.

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