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  1. Im gonna miss the old Fanart Central. But I seem to have problems with this new one, it took much longer to get on than normal. Oh well, anyways, I guesss this new one is awesome
  2. no its the way it should be, like i said its in the addons folder with my other mods and they all work, its just atlas that i cant get to work
  3. Mark392s trophies, taken from: Disorientation - 20-16 over LotharBot in Monkey Bars Dogfight - 20-17 over bahamut in Doghell Ratting - 20-18 over LoNi_ in Logic Blind - 20-13 over LotharBot in IS Fusion - 20-9 over bahamut in ugh returned from Djcjr due to inactivity Go get that D2 trophy, bro
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