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  1. Mah_Boi

    A tutorials section

    Ahhhh. I see what you mean. Guess it just comes with the territory of starting small. Hopefully it'll be flushed out later. Really looking forward to seeing this group grow.
  2. Mah_Boi

    A tutorials section

    Thanks for your reply. I noticed that the tutorials are "this is a tool. Here's how you use it." I meant more of a "here's how you make tools and how the components of them work." Kinda like a classroomlike setting.
  3. Mah_Boi

    A tutorials section

    Users could teach and learn skills from one another. It could be a great way to increase activity and encourage potential devs.
  4. Mah_Boi

    Welcome to JustGaming

    Looking forward to the future of this community and being a member of it ?

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