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  1. Algebra

    How to unlock hidden Google Chrome themes

    Nice, they should browse chrome://flags for other stuff like disabling some of the unnecessary features google added.
  2. Algebra

    [RELEASE] PS4 SPRX (Creating/Loading)

    This is a tutorial for creating an SPRX menu from a PRX file. You convert the PRX to SPRX using flatz python script. The write up is in the zip file. Once you create the SPRX file you can extract it to your PS4, it will execute when the game starts. It's used mostly to create mod menus for games.
  3. Algebra

    [RELEASE] PS4 SPRX (Creating/Loading)

    So I decided to not be lazy and figure out what the problem was. There wasn't an issue I just didn't have the correct version of Python installed when running flatz script. I installed Python version 2.7.13 and it worked along side the new updated release of Python for Windows. Thank's for the sweet write up really enjoyed reading it.
  4. Algebra

    [RELEASE] PS4 SPRX (Creating/Loading)

    I was messing around with this today and the documentation is neath. I've gotten everything to work fine but when I use flatz prx to sprx it just opens a command prompt which instantly exits not creating the new .sprx file in the process.

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