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  1. Hi all, Those interested in modding MW2 without a Jailbroken PS3 by using the .cfg infection, I have attached Button Binds to this thread for you to download and use. These binds we're originally created by my friend Vesiath a long time ago but I've updated it with some new binds. The .cfg binds are based on the Default Button layout, so if you are used to crouching using your right thumbstick, make sure you swap "+melee" and "+stance" around. Shouldn't be to hard to understand on how to change the binds around if you have a fully functional brain, but here is a tutorial below on how to do so anyways. DO NOT RENAME THE FILE, KEEP IT AS IT IS Using binds means you won't be able to use Select to open your scoreboard in-game. The select button is now used to enable the binds. So press select at the start of each game/round to enable. Tutorial on how to enable binds to your controller: Firstly, you only want to enable the binds to buttons on your controller that do not perform any actions. Don't enable anything to DPAD_LEFT because that is what you use to call in Killstreaks. If you want to use "set claymore" and bind it to DPAD_RIGHT, make sure you go to "DPAD_RIGHT" and name the line of code to: bind DPAD_RIGHT "vstr claymore". Needs to match the exact characters including capitals to work. Same with any other function. Save the file and make sure it's placed directly on your USB in your PS3's right USB port, the file SHOULD not be in a folder on your USB. To enable Explosive Bullets, press Ctrl+H when you're viewing the file and replace "CLARKEY" with your PSN username. If there is anything I have missed, let me know. I'll update the thread. Credits go to Vesiath and zMarcusHD for some codes. CLARKEY buttons_default.cfg

    Celebrity Emails Leak [NSFW]

    Hi all, Long story short I used to be a social engineer aka Haxor back in 2016. Due to my own privacy and safety I won't be mentioning the alias I was under. During my days under this alias, I gathered a collection of emails of famous Musicians and Actors. I advise those who want to do something with this leak are to tread carefully, although due to how old this is I doubt some of these have any correlation to any accounts of these stars if you're planning on hacking them. The whole reason why I have this is because I sold it onto people. Document is attached to thread. Remove thread if against ToS. celeb emails.txt

    Add YouTube Gaming section

    Hi, I would like to see a YouTube Gaming section, for users to share YouTube videos of their own or share other videos they think others might like? CLARKEY
  4. Hi all, Here's an extremely simple tutorial on how to customise Fortnite loading screens, including the boot up screen and some other screens too. This tutorial is for Windows users ONLY, since I don't have iOS or Linux etc, I'd like someone to convert my method sometime in the future for the users that do use iOS or Linux, I can only imagine it'd be very similar to my method so if you have a brain, you'd probably be able to figure it out yourself. BOOT SCREEN TUTORIAL (NOOB FRIENDLY): You want to find the boot up image found in your program files (Mine is in "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Content\Splash") I can only assume that everyone else's is here if you installed Fortnite in the directories it automatically suggests) You can either create your own image using Photoshop and using any size you want or simply pinch any photo. Make sure the file type is .bmp otherwise this will NOT work. Simply replace the Splash image with selected image, make sure you rename it exactly to "Splash.bmp - This is because the game looks for this selected name. Make sure there is no (1) etc. in the name, you can also keep the default Splash.bmp image in-case you'd like to go back to default again. Once this is done, make sure your changes are confirmed and you're all good to go. Boot up Fortnite and watch the boot picture be the one you changed it too. You can also do the exact same here: "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\EasyAntiCheat\Launcher" with SplashScreen.png - This image is .png so make sure you don't use a .bmp image this time round, and keep the same file name too. There is probably a few other things you can change too. Depending on how well this post does, I'll dig a bit deeper into the directories using viewers and editors and see what I can dig out content wise that'll allow you to fully customise your game. Surprisingly, the game uses a lot of configuration files which I'm familiar with so I'll have a mess around with them and see what I can find. Enjoy all. CLARKEY

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