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    Thanks for sharing not my cup of tea but each to their own tastes.
  2. Hi there, I try to send a PM on the forum to another member and I am greeted with the following ERROR's Why? Surely the message quota limit is not set to just one single message https://ibb.co/1qPcz3F https://ibb.co/10g2SwP Thanks Kind regards,
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    Hi there, @Abstract We can hope and dream to want PayPal but we will rudely be told were wasting our time! So here I am hearing staff say quote on quote: ("We don't accept PayPal because no one uses it and its expensive!") - On a side note to those not in the know - PayPal can easily be incorporated into the current payment stream within minutes. I know this because I have had an in depth discussion with a Business Development Manager @PaymentWall . I would even be prepared to Pay the difference in Conversion and Currency and Transaction Fees to meet the difference so that I too could also enjoy a flawless transaction and stick to what I know and use and have the upmost confidence with. But lets face reality as it has been rudely pointed out on multiple occasions by staff members saying We don't accept PayPal and never will. I guess were ALL barking up the wrong tree at people who couldn't care less what the customers needs and wants are. There is a lot to understand about the five pillars of customer satisfaction a topic that my 13 year old son was recently studying in school, were leave that topic for another day though. I get that some people may Volunteer their time here other than for income. I think I have identified why this forum doesn't grow because of the LACK of friendliness from staff towards Visitors and Customers. I apologies for speaking my mind diplomatically. I'll screenshot this post though as I feel it delivered the message but there is always one who will pipe up and take offence playing the victim card resulting in my post probably being deleted. Kindest regards,
  4. @Pablox1212 Apologies for the LATE reply. The program OctoSniff obtains the IP Address and Port from a Sniff-Scan. Disconnector is the Feature used to TEST stress Hosts/IP Addresses. I hope this response answers your question better. Kind regards,
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