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Found 1 result

  1. Abigail

    Zelda dream

    My dream is repeating. I saw weird dream about Zelda genre. Ive been seeing this dream twice, now it was stronger. Experience of Zelda game i guess. There was several worlds, it seems like there was whole universe (kind of) and there was elements. All elements is to gether the triforce (of cource) but each of them did have own world. Every piece of triforce was gathered on 3 world genre and there was at least 9 wolds and it seems to be another world when you gather the pieces to gether. Finally when you have all pieces of magigal triforfe, you can influence of all world to change time and space (maybe nature). Player have to get more powers to change (past, now and future). In dream i did travel in fire world, it was like earth 4 billions years ago and there was lot of lava and black ground. There was a mythological monument what gives you a tasks to take monoliths to around the world and all this did happened on one world. Monoliths have a unicue place where it have to take. For help there was some reason avaible guiding line where it must lay (i dont know why). These monoliths are like doors or maybe they was more like upcoming events in another world. I was flying dragon or something big and i did grab object and i did take it place where it must have to be. World was for some reason a round like planet and it seems like there was a solar system what is connected on each another. When this object was placed it did appear another world (maybe thing was like time passes, it is in future). These monoliths was some reason brown (monoliths are black for real life). There was worlds like Fire, Life Water.. now i remember all wrong there was un numbred worlds on each to gather. Gathegory was most likely - Fire, Water and Forrest. Air, Space and Life. Final group was obviously - Tech, Magic and Untech/Unmagic- worlds. (Unmagic / Untech world, where was no place to any Elecrocity or Magic). I feel now like there was lot of another inluences or variations of worlds. When all worlds was opened there was some reason Gods World to getting all to gether. Finally i have no idea why it seems to be Zelda, maybe becouse im a fan of Zelda genre. World was so huge that i dont know does even playstation5 have enough powers to run this shit. and game was more like over 10tB capacy taking memory. So ive never maybe seeing this game a live if it comes some day avaible. Some reason i did believe that these worlds are later mixing to gether and there was time warping and player can influence people to do things in the game (even a animals and nature) and my own opinion was that every single item can be build (sounds like minecraft) and repair. and each world player can be obtain powers and items to play. Maybe player can build anything he wants by mixing water or fire to magic or tech, build weapons, tools, goods, clothes and gifts or food from any worlds and any elements. Crafting even machines to travel to space (i dunno). Player can be take any creatures for pets or helping in game. And being friend of any people around the universe. My dreams are some times weird, i dont know why im seeing them. Dream of new Zelda, coming on 2036
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