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BO3 - 1000 MP & ZM + More!

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I have a BO3 Account recovery service, where I can set the stats on your own account or make a pre-made account, this is for PS4!


I am offering Freebies on recoveries (gain some vouches on-site), and if allowed, pre-made accounts will be sold $5 each at this moment!



- Master Prestige Rank 1000 on Multiplayer and Zombies

- Legit Stats

- Blackmarket content, bribes, suppy drops (these will show up all the time even after all is redeemed more will occur in the blackmarket)

- Unlock All for 99% of MP, majority is unlocked only a few things here and there will have little to no progression (you need something to work on 😉 )


Disclaimer: JustGaming.io is not affiliated with this service, and by reading this you acknowledge that JustGaming.io is not responsible for any risks this service may or may not have. I, Dread adhere to all forum rules and common courtesies to deliver an appropriate experience for the members on JustGaming.io!


P.S. Lol, if this is against rules I’ll gladly take it down, as I’m a professional person, if this is OK’d, just PM me on-site for details or find me in the JustGaming.io Discord server (Dread#0651) and I will respond to you within availability! I urge you to verify the Discord discrim at the end of my alias Dread to prevent any acts of scamming etc. thank you for your time!

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