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We don't accept PayPal & Here is why!

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We do not accept PayPal and we do also not endorse it, here is a reason why:


Once upon a time I were a big merchant of PayPal, processing thousands daily with them. After processing big payments with them and paying thousands in fees for three years straight, my business started falling.


PayPal noticed the drop, and they randomly decided to permanently limit my account as they all of a sudden considers all Gaming businesses high risk. Keep in mind, this only occurred after I no longer processed big money, but rather $50-$300 a day.


PayPal might be good for you as the buyer, because it's easy to use. But if you are a merchant/seller, it's a pain. You'll have lots of clients trying to scam you with their "chargeback" feature that allows clients to dispute and win the money regardless of how much documentation you upload.


We accept PaymentWall / FasterPay, which is an Alternative to PayPal. The bonus here is that FasterPay is more Anonymous compared to PayPal. Many Gamers prefer anonymity, and when you use PayPal you'll give out your full information regardless if you own business account or not. With FasterPay, you got nothing to worry about.


This experience is written from someone who have used PayPal since 2010, and multiple other payment gateaways. 



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