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A Dream

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Saw a dream about working.

It is in a city, im maybe a seller. Every day is a same, walking some near building to work.

Feel like it is the same day, every day, like working only one day.

Then some reason they ordered me go to roof. With me i get my old school friend.

We chat on roof and fixing some tiles. Then work is done and he taking phone out of pocket.

He show me some pictures and it was fun to see how he going in life.

Then we went back to stairs, some reason im staring on road. It Feel like it goes in the house. Then felt like some force did push of the roof.

Falling was fast and suddently im a passanger in the car. I feel like hurting my leg and then i realised driver is my friend.

Front sit another passenger and i think he is my boss. Driver take turn to drive little clinic and hes drive way too fast.

Clinic yard bicycle two kinds and driver make a emergy brake to dodge the kids and suddently im in the clinic. Driver ask someone to operate my leg.

Then im watching my leg and seeing it is just a scratch. I say to driver you can go home now, i need to take my car from city. They go out on laughing, sure thing. Toctor ask me to operationroom, im saying that need to take gum out of my mouth and im walking to washbowl. Trying to get gum out of my mouth but it feel like it is stuck. Watching in the mouth from mirror and seeing nothing there. Then i watch again the mirror and realized that aint me. Im a young boy looking on mirror and my parrents is out side.



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