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[RELEASE] PS4 4.55 Native Emulators (NES & Sega Master System)

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Hello everyone,

Today, an anonymous user has posted download links to the main native emulators Nintendo Entertainment System and SEGA Master System (Proof of Concepts). The emulators are now functional on 4.55. Today, developer Morpheus shared a Pastebin on his Twitter that an anonymous created for the community, thank you for notifying us. 

Click here to direct to the Pastebin that contains both native emulators.

Download: NES_EMU_V455.pkg (6.1 MB) / SEGA_EMU_V455 .pkg (6.3 MB)

Morpheus states, "Well don't expect too much, they are far far away from perfection..." We hope to see more emulators come alive on the PS4, and wondering what will be next. What do you guys think? 



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    • By Hydrogen
      Hello everyone,

      I was digging around the other day through GitHub and bumped into this neat programmer named Seth Clydesdale. You can click his name to view his work from GitHub. Recently, he ended up progressing on a long time project that he started a year ago and finally finished it for the community! This is called PS4 Cover Generator. This tool lets you create cover images straight from your PS4 Web Browser. You have every function to use from then once you're done, you can go ahead and screenshot it to your console. This works on any firmware that you can access the web browser.

      You can view his code here or automatically go to his website to make your own cover photo, click here. 

    • By Swaqq
      Hello Everyone!
      Today I'll be showing you guys how PRX module loading works on PS4 and how to create them!
      First things first I wanted to make some notes about this topic.
      As you may know if your from the PS3 scene, the SPRX compiler is absolute garbage. This is no longer an issue anymore, as everything I've tested has worked just fine!
          I also wanted to mention some of the issues Sabotage and I ran into while working on this project. When I first started this project, I just built an SPRX and loaded it into WebKit and it worked just fine. The next challenge was getting it to load in-game. My first thought was to use 2much4u's method of loading a payload into the game, which we did and executed the SPRX through his payload. Then we realized it wasn't working because the path didn't exist. The game couldn't find the path because we were stuck in the sandbox... So we broke out of it. Finally! We had it working! But then we realized... this is a lot of extra work, so Sabotage ported the jailbreak into ASM aswell as the rest of the code which loaded the SPRX, and we loaded it like that. The next problem we ran into was that the game kept crashing randomly. Eventually we realized that removing the game from the sandbox was creating the problem. This was because the game uses the path "/app0/", and while you're in the sandbox, the real path is "/mnt/sandbox/CUS.../app0/". By removing the process from it's sandbox, it was looking for the game in "/" which it wasn't there, and therefore crashing your game. We got around this by re-jailing the process and putting it back into the sandbox after our module was loaded.
      Everything you'll need for creating and loading SPRX modules is in the zip file I've provided. This is using Sony's PS4 SDK which is not included, so get that on your own.
      Currently, the app only supports COD4 1.02, but you can add support to other games on your own. There's a mini-tutorial in the PDF as-well as the tool it-self.
      I WILL NOT be including my menu base anywhere, because it's literally just copied from my Xbox menu, however I'll release my research on the games.
      VirusTotal (0/60)
      Download (MediaFire)
      PS4Prx.exe (Fixed)
      Thanks and Happy Modding!

    • By Hydrogen
      Hello everyone,

      Today, developer @Mistawes had released his forked version from xerpi's FTPS4 that includes decrypting elfs and also integrated the PS4 API Server that @BISOON released for us. FTPS4API works on the current 4.55 firmware @Specter exploited for us with his recent Kernel Exploit with the help of @flat_z and @Qwertyoruiopz . If you missed it, you can check his exploit on his GitHub. 

      The FTPs4API can be found here that Mistawes had provided for us on his recent Twitter post!

      Source Code (zip)
      Source Code (tar.gz)
    • By Hydrogen
      Hello Everyone,

      As suggested, the community has been asking for some backend knowledge over "Downgrading" the PS4 console. Now, there will be many answers towards this topic mainly because there is so much involved going on with it. At the moment, downgrading is not possible for retail consoles unless you own a Non-Retail TestKit/DevKit. These consoles are considered rare and expensive and are different in their own ways from retails. The main answer I will give you is no, you can't downgrade your PS4... at the moment.

      At the present time, there is no way to downgrade a retail console. As I spoke with developer @Zecoxao a year ago on Twitter, he had given some quick pointers over on downgrading. I asked him,

      Also, if any of you don't know, the PS3 also had a JigKick. He told me that downgrading could be the same, it all depends on the JigKick. With a little fact, if you own a TestKit/DevKit, you can downgrade and upgrade all you want! In addition, I also spoke with another high tier developer to shed some light on downgrading, and he gave me some interesting information. I asked him, 

      Another key point, developer @SC58 had also pointed some other firmware issues others were receiving previously in the past. To quote what he told me in the past:

      As a result, I hope this helped a few others understand some information about downgrading. Hopefully, we'll see something happen in the future. In the meantime, buckle down for the road ahead. Downgrading isn't the main issue, but it's something to look out for. If you have any questions or have anything to add-on from here. Feel free to PM me whenever you want. I'm always free. Thank you for reading, until next time.


    • By Hydrogen
      Hello everyone, 

      As a few days went on throughout the week, I started to realize these new rumors about a 5.0X PS4 Kernel Exploit being released by numerous of individuals. Some were new members to the scene, and some were accounts impersonating high tier developers. I find it childish how those can act that way and try to tear down the community we all built from top to bottom. Many us are looking forward to a new Kernel Exploit to take another step forward on exploiting our consoles so end users can have the chance to enjoy themselves. I wanted to spread some healthy words to everyone mainly because the PS4 Scene usually receives negativity all the time over drama.

      The main key is to stay patient. The developers that are currently reversing the entire console don't do it for fame. They do it because it's an interesting obstacle they would like to tackle to learn from. It's not always about who has better code or their work is useless. I know a lot of programmers who aren't really experienced but still take their time to be apart of the PS4 Scene. Their work will always be appreciated by me and many others. I can't even do what they do, so I'm amazed by their effort whether they pull it off or not. Every single developer in the community should always receive the respect and dignity that they deserve whether they created an exploit, tool, or a few little scripts. If it wasn't for all of them, we would've never been this far. 

      Although this may be true, to the people who bring toxic in our community, shame on you! You don't have to keep repeating "where is the exploit at?" You do know 0days or any sort of exploit is pretty damn hard to find/make, right? Nothing takes a few hours to pull off. Making fake accounts on Twitter and tweeting racist comments to other developers won't make them look bad. It'll make all of us look bad. Have you noticed that every single console who has a "scene" has been popular besides us? The Nintendo Switch recently came out, and they're working on a Custom Firmware that fast. Have you seen anyone talk down to them? Please, leave your childishness away from the community, and it's best for you to leave.

      On the positive side, I was never apart of the PS3 Community when it first blew up back around in 2011/2012. I joined the PS4 Scene in late 2015, and I tried my best to take a role in leadership and responsibility. It's the main reason why I enjoy helping others with their questions, posting news on anything important, and overall seeing the excitement on Twitter when a developer has accomplished one of his goals. You guys matter too, but releasing exploits for free isn't the main motive sometimes. Trust me, there are developers that have their belts strapped with exploits. It's the fact that if they release it now, Sony can potentially patch it within the next update, and it would be considered as "burning" it. Others post their accomplishments on Twitter and people should respect their decisions if they don't want to release it. I mean, it's their own code, you can't pressure someone to give up their work. They don't do it for profit, they do it for knowledge, please understand that.

      Given these points, we need to stay in the optimistic lane of traffic. I enjoy seeing everyone's passion in the community waiting for greatness to explode, but at the same time, developers need your help to understand that it takes time. They have lives to live; especially those with jobs. They don't want money, fame, or selfishness. They want you to be happy, but annoying them will only make it worse. I hope we can one day forget about all of the stuff that has happened in the past, and move on to something better. Trust me, this year will bring a ton of excitement for those who have been riding with all of us since the beginning. I can't wait to share some exciting news in the weeks to come. In the meantime, be positive and patient, and I'm looking forward to seeing our community grow together as a team. Thank you for reading, have a nice day ladies and gentlemen!

      Kind regards,


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