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How To Jailbreak A Nintendo Wii (Regular Wii Only)

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Requirements (Hardware):


FAT32 USB Flash Drive (The more memory the better)

○ SD Card (Must be 1GB or greater)




Step One:


█ You have to go into your Wii System Options, and get your Wii's MAC address. Once you get it write it down, so you have it on hand as you will need it for the next part to this step.

█ Next you need to go HERE the website sounds sketchy, but I promise it is not. It's a website where a customized package is created specifically for your console, that contains all the necessary items. You can also just google "LetterBomb for Wii" and it'll come up, or just make things simple and click the link I provided, whatever.

Do the following: Choose the firmware version that matches the one on your console, type in your MAC address, check the box so it bundles the hackmii installer for you, and CUT THE RED WIRE!!


Step Two:


█ Format your SD Card to make it FAT32, if you don't know how to do this.. there is no hope. Google it on your own time.

█ Download the MODPACK from the provided link there.

Extract both the Letterbomb zip, and the Modpack zip directly into the SD card.


Step Three:


█ Put the SD card into your Nintendo Wii.

█ Go to "Yesterday's Messages" and you'll see the LetterBomb letter. Open it, and let it install it's magic.

█ Press (1) when prompted, and follow the instructions on screen.

█ Install the Homebrew Channel as well as the Bootmii Channel.


Step Four:


█ If you want to make a backup you can do so using BootMii, but it isn't required, it's just safer in-case you go and touch something you had no business touching.

█ You can't use your controller for BootMii, but you can use a Gamecube controller or the buttons on the system itself to get around their menu (it's odd I know).

█ Your backup will be saved onto the SD card - which you may want to put on your PC afterward or somewhere even safer like a dropbox.


Step Five:


█ Open the Homebrew Channel, and launch "Wii Mod Batch" this will automatically install everything required to continue.

█ Launch Priiloader. Press the + button on your wiimote to install it.

█ Hold Reset & Power at the same exact time till the system restarts, and it will open into Priiloader.

█ Enable the following options:

- Auto press A at health screen

- Region free everything

- Block disc updates

- Block online updates

- Remove NoCopy Save File Protection


Your nintendo wii is now officially jailbroken and free from the boundaries Nintendo has placed on us. I'll make other mods discussion how to actually apply mods, and include some videos showcasing the awesome things you can do in GameCube games, and Wii games alike.


It's important to know that Nintendo Wii's online isn't supported anymore, so it's really just for the fun of experiencing modded games offline now, it's still a thrill.



Austin Krause as that is who originally taught me. I'm now helping others learn. 🙂 Good luck. If you have a question, or are struggling let me know!


P.s. There is a way to JB a Wii U, but this is strictly for the regular wii, this does not work for Wii U.

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